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PEMAC Webinar

It was an honour and a pleasure to be invited as panellists and speakers at the Plant Engineering And Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC), Fort McMurray Chapter, Online Professional Development Event on “Capabilities and Tools for Carbon Emissions Monitoring and Reduction”.

The mission of PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada is to be “A professional association enabling excellence in maintenance, reliability, and asset management through collaboration, applied learning & leadership”.

Given Score Group’s long track record and experience in optimising valve reliability through Intelligent Valve Management™, we are very well aligned to help them fulfil their mission.

Despite the 1am UK start time for one of our presenters, the audience was fresh and alert in Canada – who were of course 7 hours behind. We received some great questions and look forward to helping all stakeholders in attendance with their Fugitive Emissions / Carbon Emissions Reduction efforts moving forward.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you reduce your emissions, please contact us now by email at;

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FE Journal Americas : Emissions Reduction Technical Article and Case Study

We would like to say a big thanks to Stephanie Matas and all the team at the Fugitive Emissions Journal (Americas), who published our follow-up MIDAS Meter® case study, in support of our recent article on “Reducing emissions through the use of Acoustic Emissions (AE) Valve Condition Monitoring Technology” (which is available to read through our LinkedIn Showcase page at – ).

Score Diagnostics are delighted to be working with them and to see this good news story being released.

The first part of the article focused on current market conditions and how emissions from unintended flaring can be reduced through the use of Acoustic Emissions (AE) Valve Condition Monitoring Technology.

The second part highlighted a real-life MIDAS Meter® case study – in support of the part 1 strategy piece – highlighting how certified Score Valve Services survey engineers recovered the equivalent of $340k per annum in lost product for our joint customer, as well as dramatically reducing their operating environmental impact, by reducing flare gas volumes by the equivalent of over 147.3 Lbs/Hr, through a fast and easy in-line survey of 62 flare line valves.

The full article is now available for circulation in pdf format and if you would like a copy, just let us know and we will happily share this with you.

Score Group Customers worldwide can benefit from the deployment of this simple to use, non-invasive valve condition monitoring equipment (MIDAS Meter®) so why not contact us today to realise your own savings…

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