Give your operators and technicians the MIDAS Touch Valve Leak Detection Equipment / Valve Condition Monitoring Equipment
MIDAS Meter ®


The MIDAS® Sensor design integrates the piezo-electric sensors, filters, amplifiers and processors into a single self-contained housing that is easily mounted on all shapes and sizes of valves and piping.

The specification and continuous integrity of the interface between an AE sensor and its mounting surface is critical to the long term reliability and stability of the sensor output. The MIDAS® Sensor design incorporates unique features to assure the long term reliability of its performance.

Midas Sensor For Valve Condition Monitoring

1. Cable terminations accessible via sealed cap
2. Bellows to provide sensor interface load
3. Piezo-electric AE Sensor
4. Saddle for mounting to valve or pipe
5. IP66 rated 316 stainless steel enclosure
6. Unique latch mechanism for ease of removal of sensor for calibration or maintenance
7. M20 cable entry


  • Dimensions - 128mm overall diameter x 130mm height
  • Housing Material - 316L SS and ABS Lid
  • Weight - 3 kg
  • Fixing Method - 316L SS saddle arrangement
  • Cable Entry - M20 Gland entry


  • Power Consumption (normal operation) - approx. 2W
  • Output Configurations - 4-20 mA sink or source modes
  • Output Signal - 4-20mA corresponding to 0-100 dB AE (see note 1 on Approvals page)
  • Power Supply - 10-12.4 VDC Power Circuit (see note 2), 12-30VDC Signal Circuit in Sink Mode (see note 3 on Approvals page)
  • Safety Barriers - Required if used in hazardous locations (see notes on Approvals page)
  • Cabling - 2 Pair 0.75mm2 (see note 4 on Approvals page)
  • Cable Gland - M20, IP66 (Exe rated gland required for hazardous areas)
  • Other - Status LED


  • Ingress Protection (IP) - IP66
  • Ambient Temperature Range(s) - T4 (-25°C to +40°C) or T3 (-25°C to +85°C)
  • Storage Temperature - 0°C to +50°C
  • Ambient Pressure Range - 0.8 bara to 1.1 bara


  • Principle of Operation - Piezo-electric sensor, filter modules and DSP electronics
  • Minimum Detectable Leakage - 0.1 litres/min, dP > 5 barg (see note 5 on Approvals page)
  • Accuracy/Tolerance - ±2 dB of full scale
  • Process Fluids - Liquid/Gas/Steam
  • High or Low Temperature Applications - Selection of waveguides available
Midas Sensor Acoustic Emissions Valve Leak Detector

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