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MIDAS Meter ®
Midas Valve Condition And Performance Monitoring Benefits

MIDAS® Valve Diagnostics Benefits

The benefits of valve condition and performance monitoring are:

  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Maximised Profitability
  • Minimised Losses
  • Optimised Process Efficiency
  • Optimised Reliability and Uptime
  • Minimised Safety and Environmental Risks

MIDAS® Sensor Benefits

The unique benefits of this step-change technology for our customers include:

  • Increased plant safety, availability issues and operability with consequential cost saving
  • Avoidance of environmental issues resulting from hydrocarbon emissions to atmosphere
  • Recover lost profits from products leaks via flare lines, vents and drains

Acoustic Emissions monitoring on flare lines has a proven track record spanning more than 20 years. Major companies in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries benefitted from improved environmental management as well as recovery and minimisation of product losses using MIDAS® Sensor.

Score Diagnostics Intelligent Valve Management Approach
Example Of Software Accompanying Midas Sensor
Benefits Of Midas Valve Condition And Performance Monitoring